Welcome to Concord Cottage’s Frequently Asked Questions section of this website. I hope you find all the information here useful as you browse through my website:

—What are the services you offer?

Basically, I have a lot of handmade items that I am selling here, you can buy them at affordable prices. Just check out my store and you will find the fabulous items there. Also, I’m just sharing my knowledge in DIY, ideas in decorating and styling your homes and sharing my recipes.

—How much do I pay for your services in sharing your ideas and DIY?

I do not collect anything nor am I asking for your payment. I just want to make friends that I can share all my ideas when it comes to home makeovers, DIYs and others.

I want to buy some of your handmade items, how do I pay for it?

If you want to buy some of my items, you can just click the items and if you’re done shopping, a confirmation will be sent to you automatically with my account number attached. If your payment has been confirmed, I will now send the items you purchased. Do not worry, my online store is 100% legitimate.

—Are you providing services to personally design a home?

Unfortunately, I do not provide that kind of service because I’m not professional in interior designing and has not studied about it at all. What I’m sharing is based on my experiences and by practicing it in my own house. So, you are free to correct my mistakes and everything, as I am learning from the ideas that you share with me as well.

—Do you have any store where we can stop by?

Sadly, I don’t have any physical store so far but you are welcome to my humble home. You can check my items there and choose what items you want and we can have a little chit chat about anything you wish.