About Me

I have been a housewife for 5 years and I’ve been spending my whole married life taking care of my family and our house. Being a mother and the one responsible for my family, I feel that I have become very productive. Doing my passion — taking care of family, my house and my business — is something I can manage by myself and I can tell you that this has been very fulfilling.

Decorating my home is my passion, I love making handmade crafts and DIY projects at home since I was a teenager. From then, it came to me to turn my hobby into business, so that I could earn money while enjoying my passion. Plus, I can share my ideas and creativity to all. For me, it’s always best to make something than to buy which is why I always do DIYs instead of buying stuff.

Just then, I started Concord Cottage in 2013. My mission is to inspire you and juice up your creativity in self decorating your own home. I want us to share our makeovers and updates on our homes. You can see a lot of handmade items in my store that you can buy, I can also recreate something that will be suited for your home. Besides, selling handmade items, I have a lot more to offer like sharing my recipes and a lot more. I have no professional experience in crafting but all I can say is that I have enough experience to share my knowledge about crafting to you. I named my website Concord Cottage because I live in an open house with the same name. My Concord Cottage house is the one I treasure for and giving it a makeover is something that I love to do, so I feel that I should name my website as it is.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. I’m looking forward for your next visit.